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You can find here ecigaretts, accessories, nicotine and nicotine-free e-liquids.

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What are electric cigaretts?

E-cigarettes, also known as electronic cigarettes and vaporizer cigarettes are devices that emit doses of vaporized nicotine that are inhaled. The device is battery-operated and can also emit non-nicotine vaporized solutions. Tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 different chemicals, many of which are hazardous for human health.

Manufacturers and a significant number of users say the e-cigarette provides a similar sensation to inhaling tobacco smoke, however, there is no combustion (no smoke).

E-cigarettes are long-shaped tubes, many look like the product the user used to smoke, such as a cigarette, cigar or pipe. Some look like ballpoint pens (biros). The majority are reusable with replaceable and refillable cartridges. A small percentage of products are throw-away ones – disposable e-cigarettes.

The electronic cigarette first entered the market in China in 2004.

How electric cigaretts works?
The cartridge holds the liquid. When the cartridge is inserted into the e-cig, the cartridge filler (polyester soaked in e-liquid/juice) makes contact with the atomizer’s bridge. Using gravity and capillary action, juice is absorbed via the atomizer bridge into the atomizer’s steel mesh reservoir where it sits. This is when user input is required.

When the user inhales on the e-cig, this action “pulls” the liquid from the atomizer’s reservoir into the ceramic atomizer pot. This liquid is then absorbed by the aromatic polyimide wick (which is situated inside the ceramic pot). At the same time, the device is heating the coil around the wick and therefore heating the liquid until it becomes a vapor. This vapor is drawn up through the e-cig and out of the mouthpiece. If your e-cig has a manual switch and you pressed the switch to activate it, the atomizer will only vaporize the liquid that is already in the pot.

How to choose a nicotine e-liquid?
The first step is to watch our cigarette box. It has a normal 0. something rate. You have to multiply this with 30 and you have to choose the closest strong of the liquid. For example: If you smoke 0.4 ratio cigarette, you have the choose the medium-strength (12mg) liquid.


What is e-liquid?
It’s flavored liquid with you can load your atomiser and tank. The liquid has 4 main part. VG, PG, flavour and nicotine (except nicotine free liquids).

PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetal glycol)
This 2 parts are the responsible for the smoke. What is not real smoke, its water vapor. We prefer e-liquids with 50-50% ratio.

We have to add some flavour to the liquid to feel some good taste and aroma. You can find almost every variation on our page.

With some nicotine you can feel the real smoke effects in you throat. More nicotine couses more stronger effects. You can check the quantity of the nicotin on the product in mg/ml. You can add less and less nicotine in you liquid. With this the e-cigarettes can replace  the nicotine for who want to change or leave the cigarettes.