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Aspire BDC 1100 mAh set


This set includes:

1x  1100 mAh battery with battery led
(in 3 colours
green – high battery life
yellow – medium battery life
red – low battery life)

1x Aspire BDC atomizer

1x USB charger

1x Power adapter

+ Additional big case (if you choose)

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Product Description

To use this product you need e-liquid.
Warning! You have to furbish your atomizer-head in every 3-6 weeks.
This is one of the easiest e-cigarette kit. If you smoke about 1 box of cigarettes (20p.) the battery will enough for the whole day. Easy to re-fill this tank with e-liquid.
Warning! The atomisers in the sets are empty.
The batteries has pocket-lock. You can activate it with 3 quick click.

Additional Information


Without case 16£, With case 17.5£


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